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Wujiang Juying chemical fiber weaving factory, founded in 2011, is located in Shengze, Jiangsu province, which lies in the south of Suzhou city, Jiangsu province. This town is not only Chinese coastal area and the centre of Yangze River delta, it is also the location of the famous Chinese Eastern Silk Market.The factory which covers an area of 20,000 square meters has 108 most advanced water jet machines, sizing machine and two sets of heat setting complete textile equipment. Our factory specializes in composite materials and developing, producing and selling Peel Ply. The main products of our factory are: Nylon 66 Peel Ply, One-way breathable membrane etc. Our factory has got the GB/T 1900-2008/IOS 9001:2008 in July 2016. Meanwhile, our factory has the professional technology development, manufacturing and sales team. According to the demands of the customers, the factory has three series with a dozen kinds of Pee Ply. The production is mainly applied in aerospace, wind power generation, rail transit, shipping, car and general composite materials field. In order to meet the customers' requirement, we continuously improve our production and producing technology to create more valuable production. And now, our production has been accepted by the customers.

吴江市聚赢化纤织造厂(Wujiang Juying chemical fiber weaving factory),建立于2011年,位于江苏省苏州市的南端盛泽。它不仅是中国长三角地区的沿海地带,还是著名的中国东方丝绸市场的发源地。我们工厂占地面积2万平方米,拥有高速喷水机108台,整浆及热定型全套纺织设备2套。我们公司是一家从事复合材料用脱膜布的研发、生产、销售为一体的创新型企业。产品包括尼龙66脱模布,尼龙单6脱模布,聚酯脱模布,特氟龙涂层脱膜布,单向透气膜等,公司已于2016年7月顺利通过GB/T19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008质量管理体系论证。公司拥有技术研发,生产制造和销售团队,针对客户个性化需求,目前已有三个系列十几种脱膜布,产品主要服务于航空航天、风力发电、轨道交通、船舶、汽车及一般复合材料行业,我们通过不断改良产品性能,改进生产工艺,创造更有价值的产品来满足客户的需求,现已被行业内客户广泛认可。

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